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Tungting Oolong | 凍頂烏龍

Tungting Oolong | 凍頂烏龍

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Description: Traditionally Tungting Oolong comes from the Tungting (凍頂) mountain in Lugu, but we decided to give this signature tea an interesting twist by roasting our Four Seasons Oolong tea from Nantou into a Tungting tea. The taste remains the same as regular Tungting, except an additional hint of herbal scent can be tasted

Tasting Notes: Though only lightly roasted, you can still taste the signature roasted taste of a traditional Tunting Oolong tea. It has a very distinct wood-like smoky and fruity taste that isn't too heavy, very elegant taste for a roasted tea

Caffeine / Mood: The caffeine level for Tungting Oolong is on the lower end, the traditional way of making Tungting Oolong requires heavy roasting, as one can see by the darker rich colour of the tea. Best to be enjoyed in the afternoon or evening

Size: 12 tea bags

Origin: Nantou County, Taiwan

Roast percentage: 5% Light roast (on top of the original Tungting roasting)

Harvest Season: Summer

Expiration Date: Two years

Elevation: 400 m

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How To Enjoy Whole Leaf Tea

Whole leaf tea is the highest quality of tea, as it is able to retain the most nutritious and delicious component of the tea, without any compromise. Though as easy as it is in the form of a tea sachet, we still need to make sure we get these things right:

- Brew at over 92°C / 197°F hot water (best with a lid over)

- Brew 1 tea bag with 300ml water (1g tea= 100ml water)

- Steep sachet constantly for an even flavour distribution

- Be patient! Brew tea for 3-5 minutes before drinking