Before we talk about our story, it is important to understand the history of the word tea - so we'd like to share with you an anecdote on the history of the word Tea, or Cha in other regions.

It was believed that the Chinese first discovered and invented tea. As people started trading with each other, they began traveling long distances to expand their trade network. The word "Cha" in Mandarin means "Tea", and as the Chinese started traveling through the Silk Road to trade their goods, they brought tea along with them.

We can see from the world map today that the countries which are connected to China by land - such as India, Iran and Turkey - all have developed the word tea in their language through a variation of the word Cha. They call it Chai in India, çay in Turkish and چای in Farsi (pronounced as Chai) and even شاي in Arabic (pronounced as Shai).

Alternatively, in the coastal provinces of China such as Fujian, a region known for some of the best tea in the world, speaks a different dialect in Chinese where the word tea is pronounced as "té". When the Dutch first came to China by boat in the 1600s, they were first introduced to tea and brought it back to Europe.

From then, many European languages started referring to the product as tea (English), thé (French), or thee (Dutch), which is derived from the word té in the Chinese dialect.

 source: https://twitter.com/astralmonad/status/1386069052657967105 

Because the word tea has such a long history of sharing, All Day Tea Club would love to continue this tradition and share some of the best quality Taiwan mountain tea with you - and the rest of the world.