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All Day Tea Club

Tea Sampler Pack

Tea Sampler Pack

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If you love tea but are new to Taiwanese mountain tea and don't know what to pick from, don't worry because we got you covered!

We offer a sample pack with three tea bags for each flavor (five flavours in total) for those who want to get a taste of what All Day Tea Club offers! Hopefully, you will learn from this sample pack what you like, and what don't you like (Of course we are confident that you will like everything!)

This is a great gift option as well and our most popular product, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding this sample pack or our tea!

What's included in our sample pack:

- High Mountain Oolong (3 tea sachets)

- Four Seasons Oolong (3 tea sachets)

- Iron Goddess Oolong (3 tea sachets)

- Tungting Oolong (3 tea sachets)

- Honey Black Oolong (3 tea sachets)

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How To Enjoy Whole Leaf Tea

Whole leaf tea is the highest quality of tea, as it is able to retain the most nutritious and delicious component of the tea, without any compromise. Though as easy as it is in the form of a tea sachet, we still need to make sure we get these things right:

- Brew at over 92°C / 197°F hot water (best with a lid over)

- Brew 1 tea bag with 300ml water (1g tea= 100ml water)

- Steep sachet constantly for an even flavour distribution

- Be patient! Brew tea for 3-5 minutes before drinking