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All Day Tea Club

Mountain Boys

Mountain Boys

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We went to the mountains of Taiwan to source some of the finest tea to you can get, so this is a collection that is perfect for those who prefer is more raw and earthy taste.


The go to options for those who want a serene and calm start to their mornings.This collection consists of Four Seasons, High Mountain, and Iron Goddess Oolong.


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How To Enjoy Whole Leaf Tea

Whole leaf tea is the highest quality of tea, as it is able to retain the most nutritious and delicious component of the tea, without any compromise. Though as easy as it is in the form of a tea sachet, we still need to make sure we get these things right:

- Brew at over 92°C / 197°F hot water (best with a lid over)

- Brew 1 tea bag with 300ml water (1g tea= 100ml water)

- Steep sachet constantly for an even flavour distribution

- Be patient! Brew tea for 3-5 minutes before drinking