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Honey Black Oolong | 蜜香紅烏龍

Honey Black Oolong | 蜜香紅烏龍

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Description: This specialty Oolong is very unique with a hint of honey taste infused in black tea. The Honey Black Oolong tea leaf originally came from the classic Oolong tea leaves that were fully fermented for about 24 hours (as supposed to 4-8 hours). The fermented tea leaves are the reason that gives the leaves a darker colour, along with a more full bodied flavour

Tasting Notes: A hint of honey mixed with brown sugar taste to the black tea, this tea appears to have a much more elegant taste and is not bitter at all compared to traditional black tea we consume

Caffeine / Mood: Caffeine for this tea will be the highest among all the other teas we have, as the tea leaves are fermented for the longest and also lightly roasted. This tea is the perfect addition to starting your perfect morning, as it gives you the right amount of energy boost as well as a comforting taste to stay calm

Size: 12 tea bags

Origin: Taitung, Taiwan

Roast percentage: 5% Light roast

Harvest Season: Summer

Expiration Date: Two years

Elevation: 700 m

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How To Enjoy Whole Leaf Tea

Whole leaf tea is the highest quality of tea, as it is able to retain the most nutritious and delicious component of the tea, without any compromise. Though as easy as it is in the form of a tea sachet, we still need to make sure we get these things right:

- Brew at over 92°C / 197°F hot water (best with a lid over)

- Brew 1 tea bag with 300ml water (1g tea= 100ml water)

- Steep sachet constantly for an even flavour distribution

- Be patient! Brew tea for 3-5 minutes before drinking